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Q & A – October 3, 2016

Bottles with Enamel Labels

Did you know you can email me with any glass fusing question, and eventually I will get back to you (I get hundreds of emails, so patience is definitely a virtue!) Maybe someone else has the same question as you, just in case, I’m sharing some of the questions I get, and the answers (I have removed all personal details for privacy reasons).

Q: I have a technical question.  You know I don’t do bottles, but a friend of mine has just left me with some beautiful Grey Goose Vodka bottles and has persuaded me to try and flatten them.  Do you have any advice?  I thought it wouldn’t work as far as the images on the outside and inside, but she showed me images online of other successfully fused bottles, retaining the designs. Continue reading Q & A – October 3, 2016