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Q & A Monday

Jodi McRaney RushoHere are a few of the questions that were sent my way last week, the answers may help others as well, so I’m posting them here.  If you have a question, don’t be shy, send it on over!  (I have left off the names of the question senders for privacy.  If you sent a question and would like attribution and a back link, let me know!  J)

Question:  I have a ceramics kiln that will follow your schedules but I am scared to use glass in it for fear of wrecking the kiln itself. I’ll stick to simple fusing and melting for now until I get used to the process- as opposed to pot melting and molding. So my questions are: Are you using a glazed bowl for slumping prepared with kiln wash inside and out or do you use unglazed bisqueware with kiln wash? What is the chemical you spray on glass to keep it from going cloudy? We are in New Zealand so chemicals, not brand names are more useful. Will slumping a wine bottle or even fusing it ever make the bottle liquefy so much as to run off the edges of the kiln shelf- assume I put it at least three inches from the edge. How thick does the kiln wash need to be? Continue reading Q & A Monday