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April 2015 Free Kiln Carving Pattern

fused bottle glass starfish

Like most people who live in snowy climates, spring always makes me think of the beach with longing.  Since I actually live in a landlocked state, it’s not like I can just run down to the beach for the afternoon.  I can, however, make a fancy starfish dish with a nifty free kiln carving pattern.

Step 1.

Download the pattern from the online store.  No credit card is necessary, simply add to cart, proceed to checkout and you’ll get a download link after check out.  There are a few other free patterns there that you may want to check out if you haven’t already. Continue reading April 2015 Free Kiln Carving Pattern

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Kiln Carving Pattern April 2013

Duckling kiln carving

Free Kiln Carving Pattern for April

It may not look like it from the picture, but it has been a pretty rainy April so far here in Utah.  Even the ducks are tired of the rain.  This cute ducky kiln carving pattern brightens things up though.  Who doesn’t love ducklings?

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March 2013 Kiln Carving Pattern

Shamrock Kiln CarvingIt’s been a long cold winter here in Salt Lake City, then, suddenly, it’s SPRING!  Ah well, I daresay it will snow soon.  For the kiln carving pattern this month, we’re going to kick things up a notch and make the pattern a little more complex.  There are lots of photos and I’m sure you all will have no trouble whatsoever! Continue reading March 2013 Kiln Carving Pattern

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December Kiln Carving Pattern

Free December Pattern

December’s free kiln carving pattern is a lovely winter scene with the North Star shining over the mountain.  I arranged the winter background especially to get you into the mood for this one!

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October Kiln Carving Pattern

Kiln Carving patter with Zombies

October’s kiln carving pattern is sheer fun.  Zombies are always a source of entertainment around here, from the informal competition to tell the WORST zombie joke ever to mock brain eating’s.  I’ve taken it one step further and designed a kiln carving just for Zombie Lovers. Continue reading October Kiln Carving Pattern

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September Kiln Carving Pattern

kiln carving moon pattern

September’s kiln carving pattern is very easy, perfect for beginners!  With just 5 parts to cut and remove, it’s also a quick and easy project to fill that last empty corner of the kiln. Continue reading September Kiln Carving Pattern

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May Kiln Carving Pattern

Kiln Carving Pattern for Recycled Glass

The free Kiln Carving Pattern for May is a beginner level design, perfect for anyone who wants to try kiln carving but isn’t sure where to start! After you’ve downloaded the pattern, follow these easy steps and you’ll have a lovely kiln carved flower in no time flat.

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