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Mica Vessel Class – Student Projects

metallic mica on textured recycled glass

Thank you to all of the students who attended the Recycled Glass Mica Vessel class at Kimball Art Center on March 22!  What a fun afternoon, and the student work is gorgeous! Continue reading Mica Vessel Class – Student Projects

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June 2013 Kiln Carving Pattern

Sea Turtle Kiln Carving

June’s kiln carving pattern is one of my favorites.  When we were SCUBA diving in Roatan, there were sea turtles and they are fascinating!  I could have watched them all day.  This is also the most complex kiln carving pattern that I’ve made for download with 13 individual pieces.  Not to worry, you can do it! Continue reading June 2013 Kiln Carving Pattern

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October Kiln Carving Pattern

Kiln Carving patter with Zombies

October’s kiln carving pattern is sheer fun.  Zombies are always a source of entertainment around here, from the informal competition to tell the WORST zombie joke ever to mock brain eating’s.  I’ve taken it one step further and designed a kiln carving just for Zombie Lovers. Continue reading October Kiln Carving Pattern

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September Kiln Carving Pattern

kiln carving moon pattern

September’s kiln carving pattern is very easy, perfect for beginners!  With just 5 parts to cut and remove, it’s also a quick and easy project to fill that last empty corner of the kiln. Continue reading September Kiln Carving Pattern