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Behind the Scenes – June 2018

Behind the Scenes is a close up look at the life of a working artist, and what Jodi is up to on any given day. 

This week has been an intense glass accumulating week, some are like that, and those weeks are awesome.  A longtime friend Sue brought me her entire vintage stained glass stash, it looks like most of it is from a sign or lamp company originally, lots of large triangle pieces in interesting textures and colors.  Love that, thank you Sue!  I’ll be sharing these with another friend that does stained glass.  I love our little glass world.

I also found the mother lode at a yard sale, this entire stack is vaseline glass, it’s tinted that amazing (and very unique) green by uranium.  And yes, they do give of detectable radiation, and yes, I do own a geiger counter.  They also fluoresce under black light, how cool is that!  These will NOT be fused, so stay calm. Continue reading Behind the Scenes – June 2018