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Q & A Monday – 5/6/13

Jodi McRaney RushoAnd we’re back with more questions from readers for Q & A Monday. Today’s questions are all about working with crushed recycled glass, or frit. I’ve left out the personal details for privacy, so if one of these questions is yours and you’d like attribution and a back link, please let me know. If you have a burning (melting?) glass question, send it on over. I may even have an answer for you.

  • Q:  I have a kiln that I have been playing and experimenting with for months now.  I adore wine bottle glass, and have had complications casting melted wine bottle frit that I make.  From research I have done, and some of my experimenting, I have found that wine bottle glass is difficult to cast unless fired at very high temps.  Even then, I have had to do a lot of cold working with the pieces I have tried to make after firing.  I love to try and make little jewelry pieces out of the frit.  Do you have any suggestions for working with wine bottle frit, including firing schedules at all?  Thank you so much! Continue reading Q & A Monday – 5/6/13