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9 thoughts on “Thank you for signing up!

  1. I tried to fuse 4″ square with frit design and 4″ clear square on top using full fuse schedule below:  
    Seg Rate Temp Time
    1 400 1000 20
    2 400 1150 15
    3 850 1450 15
    4 AFAP 950 60
    5 400 100 0
    It was a disaster.  Huge air bubbles.  So I tried a Full Fuse (with Bubble Squeeze) schedule I found.
    1 400 1000 20
    2 400 1150 15
    3 50 1250 20
    4 850 1450 15
    5 AFAP 950 60
    6 400 100 0
    This didn’t do a thing.  This is my first time to try to fire a fuse and oh what a mess I am.

    1. @SusanJohnsonMayhew Try slowing down even more. After 1000 degrees, try 50dph to 1100 and hold for 20, then 50 to 1250 hold for 20…also you may want to try using some clear frit to hold up the edges of your glass squares. If the edges fall in and seal before the middle, then you’re going to get bubbles no matter what…make sense? Hope it helps!

  2. Hi Jodi,
    Just found your sight, its awesome, wow, lots of questions answered.  Your stuff is amazing.
    Love it!!! Terry

  3. Hi Jodi,  very inspiring stuff,  thanks for sharing your know how.

  4. Hi.. love your post and answers so many questions… I recently bought a small Evenheat kiln for enameling… would I be able to do the bottle rings in it?  I’m not too savvy on the firing sequence part yet!!
    Curiosity Killed the Kathy!!

    1. @ktaylorj   Hi Kathy;  I would think an enameling kiln would work, as long as you use kilnwash or shelf paper to protect your kiln AND have a programmable controller.  The hardest thing about bottle rings is cutting the darn things!  Good luck!

      1. @GlassWithaPast Any suggestions on where I can get info/learn more about my controller?  There were ZERO instructions with my kiln — I had to go on YouTube just to figure out how to do a “custom program” for my enamels….  Example: Susan’s post below may as well be written in chinese!!!  🙂

        1. @ktaylorj I would start by checking the Evenheat website for downloadable manuals, then maybe ask around in enameling forums.  Usually other artists are pretty helpful. 🙂

  5. Just found your site, very interesting…I think I’m going to like it here.

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