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Tumbled Glass, Pastels and Videos

tumbled glass

This week has been a fun one, we had a brainstorming session and came up with a whole bunch of tutorial ideas for tumbled glass, so, of course, I made some tumbled glass!

I belong to a group of artists who initially started getting together to talk about marketing stuff, but now we meet for the sheer pleasure of each others company, and the food is always spectacular.  At this month’s meeting, one of the ladies gave me a bag of colored pencils, both Prismacolor and Prismapastels.  I gave the Prismacolors to my daughter, and kept the pastels for myself!


They will go well with my new fancy pens

pensSo I can draw patterns for sculpture and texture tile ideas.  Not totally glass related, but still fun, and a nice change of pace!

Micron Pens

My informal survey about videos and online classes showed that video and DVD’s are clear winners, so I began a few new video tutorials this week, hopefully I’ll get faster at them with a little more practice!

And, of course, the obligatory cat photo for the week:

Moo loves Mondays
Moo loves Mondays



1 thought on “Tumbled Glass, Pastels and Videos

  1. Never enough cats on ones life.  Moo looks like he loves Mondays the way I do.  I love my Pigma Micron pens the point is so thin it does not expand what I’m drawing in my patterns .  I have used them for several years I believe they are a good investment.  When I tumble my glass I always tell people that it is homemade .  I use  a cement mixer, sand  and water.  It makes a really makes a big batch.

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