Glass With a Past has a vast library of free tutorials about making fused artwork with recycled glass.  You can access these by visiting the Knowledgebase and browsing through the posts, or through the lists below.  If there is a burning question that you can’t find the answer to, let us know through the contact form.  If I don’t have the answer straight away, I’ll put it on the tutorial to-do list.

Bottle Fusing Tutorials

Making Fusible Flat Glass From Bottles – How to flatten bottles into sheets for easier fusing

Tie Dye Fused Bottles – How to make fused bottles that look tie dyed with paint and mica

Recycled Wine Bottle Drinking Glasses – Easy method of cutting, polishing and fire polishing drinking glasses

Leaf and Droplet Donut Tutorial – Making leaf and droplet shaped fused bottle glass donuts

Recycled Patron Bottle Birdfeeder – A no-fuse tutorial for making a bottle birdfeeder

Simple Celtic Knot Donut – Tutorial for making a simple fused bottle glass Celtic Knot

Bottle Glass Frit Ball Heart Pendant – Using bottle glass frit balls and float fire to make a heart pendant

Flaming Heart Windchime – Part 1 – 3 part tutorial on making a Flaming heart windchime with float fire and a kiln carving pattern

Flaming Heart windchime – Part 2

Flaming Heart windchime – Part 3

Bottle Glass Fritballs – Making frit balls from fusing bottle glass

Fused Gecko with Mica – Adding mica to an already fused project

Bottle Glass Frit Making – Guest Post – How to make bottle glass frit using thermal shock

Slumped Bottle Glass Dishes – Simple bottle glass dishes with just a slump firing

Striped Bottle Glass Plate – Make a striped plate by alternating strips of bottle glass

Recycled Wine Bottle Wall Vase Tutorial – Make cute wall vases with wine bottle necks

Glassline Paint on Fused Bottles – Painting on bottles before fusing

Bottle Glass Votive – Simple slumped bottle glass votive

Recycled wine bottle trinket boxes – Fused bottle glass lid paired with cold worked bottles

Fused Bottle Glass Donuts and Rings – tips and trouble shooting for perfect fused glass donuts and rings

Fusing Large and Small Bottles – Do large and small bottle fuse the same?

Fused Bottle Glass House Numbers – Using flattened wine bottles to make house numbers

Fusing with bottle glass – intro to this exciting new world

Bottle Glass and Kiln Carving – How to use bottles for kiln carving without flattening them first.

Window/Float Glass Fusing Tutorials

Fusing with Thick Tempered Glass – Follow along as Jodi paints, breaks and fuses thick tempered glass

Adding Texture and Pattern to Float Glass – Tutorial on using float fire frits and powders to enhance plain float glass

Fused Painted Hummingbird – Hummingbird dish with painted bird on float

Fused Tempered Glass Plate – Breaking tempered glass and refusing into a dish

Recycled Glass and Mica – Using mica on textured float glass

Fractured Plate Tutorial – Make a spiderweb fracture plate with float glass and float fire

Carved recycled float glass sculpture – carved and curved tree sculpture from 3/8″ float

Using Glass Powders with Texture Tiles – Add Float Fire powders to Float Glass and home made texture tiles

Fused Float Glass Lattice Bowl – basic lattice grid bowl tutorial

Fused Recycled Glass Bowl – Basic fused float glass bowl tutorial

Recycled float glass bowl for absolute beginners

Recycled Glass Name Tags tutorial – use float glass, float fire frit and rubber stamps to make glass name tags

Stack and full fuse for visual interest – making your float project more interesting

Stacking and tack fusing recycled glass part 2 – more ideas for tack fused float projects

Stacking and tack fusing float glass part 1 – ideas for tack fused float projects

Engraving on float glass – Engraving with dremel on float glass projects

Recycled Low E float glass – a remarkable color change recycled glass

Creating texture with carving – carving float glass with diamond bits in a dremel

Identifying tempered glass – Is that unmarked piece of float glass tempered?  Here are some clues to help find out

Using textured recycled glass – Using float privacy glass and textured glass for fusing/slumping

Varieties of window glass – Not all window glass is float, and not all the types fuse the same

Kiln Formed Bead Tutorials

Triangle Bar Beads for Winchimes – Use the Triangle Bead Mold Kit to make bar beads

Fused Glass Blob Beads – Making beads with glass pebbles or jewels

Lentil Bead Earrings – Use the Small Lentil Bead Mold kit to make earrings

Lentil Bead Molds – Detailed instructions for using Lentil Bead Mold Kits

Triangle Beads with Mica – How to make metallic triangle beads with the Triangle Bead Mold kit and mica

Painted Triangle Beads – Make colorful marbled beads with the Triangle Bead kit and glass paint

Triangle Bead Molds – detailed instructions on how to use the Triangle Bead kit

Technical Aspects of Fusing Bottles and Float Glass

Bottle Frit and Float Glass Stress Test – see what happens when you fuse bottle frit and float glass, and how to test for stress

Mixing Bottle Glass for Fusing – Fusing different bottles together and testing for stress

Glue Chip Glass – Making your own glue chip glass

Oil Paint Pens and Glass Fusing – Using oil paint pens as a decorative feature in glass fusing

Studio and Shop Safety – Guest Post – Some shop hazards and staying safe

Fusing with Metals and other Inclusions

Hummingbird fused with Metals – Fused hummingbird with copper and brass sheet

Fusing with Leaves and Color – Fusing recycled glass with leaves, paint and mica

Fusing with copper sheet and wire – Fusing copper sheet and wire with float glass

Kiln Carving Patterns and Copper Inclusions – Using kiln carving patterns with metals

Fusing with Brass loops – fusing in loops for hanging projects

Plaster elements in fused glass – using plaster to create relief designs

Metal Inclusions in recycled fused glass – copper and brass inclusions in float glass projects

Dirt and Sand Inclusions – How to use organic material inclusions in fusing

Using Hard Water Deposits in Design – Don’t throw out that stained glass too fast, it has some unique properties

Casting with Recycled Glass

Recycled Glass Pot Melt Tests – testing glass mixes for recycled glass casting

Pot Melts with Recycled Glass – mixing float and bottle glass for casting

Casting recycled glass sculpture – creating molds and casting recycled float sculptures

Crucible cast – take 2 – pot melt tests for recycled glass casting

Other Kinds of Fused Glass

Fused Wine Glass Angel – Make a cute angel ornament by fusing a wine glass

Fusing Vintage Plates – Fusing thrift store plates, tips and tricks

Fusing a Martini Glass – just because we can, and how to make it stay looking like a martini glass

Tool Related Tutorials, including saws

Cutting a bottle with a tile saw – Video of Jodi cutting an entire bottle into rings

Stainless Steel Tile Molds – How to make your own stainless steel tile molds

Bench Polisher from a Tile Saw – Homebuilt bench polished from a deconstructed tile saw.

Aquarium Sand Fusing Experiment – What happens if you fuse with two colors of aquarium sand?

Non-Traditional Molds for Slumping – DIY molds from flower pots, thrift store items and other cool things

Alternative Floral Formers – Use fiber paper to modify the shape of floral formers

Glass Reference Books – list of books that I own and recommend

Cold Working with a rock polisher – hands off coldworking for the busy glass artist

Glass ‘Tools’ from the craft store – craft store products that cross-over to glass

Making a triangle glass bead mold – the DIY version of our Triangle Bead Mold Kit

The case for desperation and creativity – when things go badly wrong on a tight deadline

Texture tile molds and recycled glass – DIY texture tile molds tips and hints

Cold Working with a Steel Wheel Polisher – Using a slurry polisher to cold work

Recycled Glass Tile Molds – Stainless vs. Ceramic

Kiln Carving Patterns and Tutorials

Starfish Kiln Carving Pattern

Abstract Border Kiln Carving Pattern

Hummingbird Kiln Carving Pattern

Flaming Heart Pattern

Gecko Lizard Pattern

Allium Flower Pattern

Tree of Life Pattern

Pot O’Gold Pattern

Celtic Heart Pattern

Double Star Pattern

Wreath pattern

Cornucopia Pattern

Jack O’Lantern Patterns

Winged Crown of Thorns Heart Pattern

Snail Pattern

Sea Turtle Pattern

Flowers with Faces pattern

Duckling with Umbrella pattern

Shamrocks Pattern

Wrought Iron inspired pattern

Winter landscape pattern

Abstract dots pattern

Zombies pattern

Man in the moon pattern

Dutch inspired pattern

How I make a kiln carving pattern

Desert Sun landscape

Ivy leaf pattern

Basic daisy pattern

Tulips pattern

Celtic Knot pattern

Floral Heart Pattern

Spoonbill cranes (one of Jodi’s projects)

Faceted Star pattern

If you’re interested it taking your recycled glass art as step further, there are classes and workshops available.

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