About Us

Environmentally friendly glass art is our passion, and has been for nearly 20 years.

Combining Art & Recycling

 Glass With a Past is owned by Jodi McRaney Rusho, a noted teacher and artist working in recycled glass.  In the past 5 years, Glass With a Past has expanded to include online education, molds and tools for other artists working in recycled glass.  We also have an extensive (more than 150) free educational articles and tutorials in our knowledgebase to teach others how to combine art and recycling.


My Story

I have a deep love of re-use and recycle, as well as a driving need to find a use for literally EVERYTHING!  My recycled glass adventure started way back in 2002 when I bought my first kiln and then couldn’t afford any fusible glass…I probably should have budgeted better.  It all worked out for the best though, because what I did have was bottles and a whole batch of window glass fresh from my own home. 

After years of experimentation, careful note taking and so much testing it would make your head spin, I decided to teach other people to do the same.   

Our Mission

Our mission is to make recycling glass easy.  We want you to love recycling your glass into something new and beautiful.

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