Recycled Glass Art

Molds and Stands

We Create Molds for Adventurous Artists

Bottle Glass Fusing isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is ever so much fun!  We create molds that make fusing bottles easy.

Handmade in Utah

Durable ceramic bisque molds designed specifically for fusing recycled bottle glass.

Your Beautiful Art Gorgeously Displayed


Beautiful art deserves a beautiful display.  Handmade affordable stands created with environmentally friendly materials to accent your perfect creation.

New Arrivals

Limited Edition stands in sets and individually.  Your individual creation deserves a unique display.

Glass Education

Learning is lifelong.  It should also be available and versatile.  We have a broad knowledgebase of free tutorials, a group of purchasable PDF patterns and a collection of on demand classes.  Choose your learning style, we’re here to teach you.


Online Classes

Courses purchased

Our Knowledgebase

Reference material is key.  Did we mention testing?  Visit the extensive knowledgebase to view the results of our testing labors, tutorials, tools, and materials.  Maybe we can save you some time and answer some burning questions.

Frits and Enamels on Bottle Bottoms

Once you've mastered the basics of fusing bottle bottoms on molds, you can expand your glass practice and add colors to your designs. There are 3 main ways to add colors to fused bottle bottoms: Frits, Enamels and Mica. All of these have different processes, so we'll...

Easy Lead Crystal Hearts

Easy Lead Crystal Hearts

These pretty lead crystal hearts are SO easy it (almost) feels like cheating. The first thing we need is a heart shaped lead crystal vase. I keep a sharp eye on thrift stores the month after the holidays, and save up whatever I find. This process works equally well on...

Preparing Mica Minerals for Fusing

Preparing Mica Minerals for Fusing

If you've been around here for any amount of time, you know I LOVE mica, but there is a story there that the mad scientists among you may find interesting. Way back in 2016, a lovely reader from Idaho sent me some raw mica chunks. Not a very impressive item all by...

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