Online Classes

Jodi teaches video classes in cooperation with online education company Curious Mondo.  Each class can be watched free during the live streaming broadcast.  Classes are available on-demand for a small fee after the live stream ends.

Each class is many hours of instruction, and the on demand purchase guarantees lifetime access to the videos, as well as addition bonus materials.  These classes are an incredible value, each class is the equivalent to a 2-3 day in person class in Jodi’s studio, without the travel!

On Demand Courses:

Pricing is determined by Curious Mondo, please click through to see current pricing and specials.

Printing, Stamping and Silkscreening on Glass

Make your own stencils. stamps and silkscreens using a variety of low tech and high tech methods.  Jodi will teach you how!  Each day we will work through how to make a different type of tool for adding images to your glass, making your own stamps, cutting your own stencils, and making silk screens.  This is a fun and versatile class if you want to add imagery to your glass but prefer a custom look.

Advanced DIY Stands and Displays, click here for current pricing

About the course

In this class we move our focus from hanging artwork to sculptural pieces. Spend some high-quality time with us and learn how to cast concrete into basic and progressively more complicated stands that fit your artwork perfectly. Learn how to tint and finish your concrete stands to look professional. We’ll also show you how to integrate lighting. Learn more complex aluminum fabrication including 2 and 3-dimensional frames.

DIY Stands and Displays, click here for current pricing

Tired of making art to fit that boring stand? Tired of having the same stand as everybody else? Ready to make displays that fit YOUR art? This class explores many different types of DIY stands and displays for your artwork. Not just for glass people! We will talk about sculpture stands, frames, panels, mounting hardware AND then spend some time making displays for shows.

Advanced Mold Making for Glass Artists – Click here for more information and pricing.

This action and idea-packed class builds on the Mold Making for Glass Artists class, expanding some concepts, and digging deeply into others. We will cover multiple techniques, view multiple projects and walk through a lost wax casting from making the original to breaking out the glass after firing. Join Jodi for more mold making information than you thought was possible to pack into 9 hours!

Mold Making I for Glass Artists – Click here for more information and pricing.

This course aims to introduce all the mold-making techniques for casting glass, with detailed information on materials, recipes for mould mixes, methods and applications. It helps the student to learn which methods are appropriate for different types of work, and covers all the basics of how to make your mould. It also includes practical information on sourcing, storing, using and recycling materials, and how to develop your own recipes and methods for particular projects.

Recycled Glass Garden Art – Click here for more information and pricing.

Join Jodi McRaney Rusho for an exciting class about fusing recycled glass garden art. Not only will we explore different types of recycled glass art for your garden, we will make several garden themed art projects.  All patterns for projects are included.

Glass Fusing for the Holidays – Click here for more information and pricing.

Each segment of our class will focus on fusing art for a specific holiday. We’ll begin with Valentines Day and work our way through the calendar. This class builds on and expands the techniques from the Beginning and Advanced Bottle Glass Fusing class. Each holiday will get a jewelry project, an art project, and a Fuse and Fold project. This class would be perfect for artists who participate in gift markets, and those who love holiday themed decorating!  All patterns are included with the course.

Fusing with Float (Window) Glass – Click here for more information and pricing.

Float glass is a blank canvas just waiting for your creativity! Learn how to identify different types of window glass and fuse with them. We will learn to identify the tin side of float glass, and what that means for you. Explore how to add metals and other inclusions to your float glass for more complicated designs. Discover new ways to use glass paints and enamels to broaden your fusing knowledge. Delve into glass additions including decals, dichro slides and extracts, lusters and other amazing products.

Fancy Glass Jewelry – Click here for more information and pricing.

Time to kick that jewelry game into overdrive! This class builds on the Basic Glass Jewelry Course and takes everything to a new level. Join us for a bundle of shiny, glamorous and gorgeous jewelry projects! This class will feature projects using fused recycled glass AND fusible art glass for different takes and aesthetics on the same idea.

Recycled Glass Jewelry with Jodi – Click here for more information and pricing.

Learn to make all sorts of recycled glass jewelry with Jodi. We’ll begin by learning how to make recycled glass kiln formed beads and focal pieces using fusing, casting and other techniques. To add to the fun, we’ll be using bottle glass, window glass, glass dishes and plates, and the occasional broken vintage piece that is just too pretty to throw away! After we’ve made a variety of glass pieces, we’ll create a variety of projects using premade findings, and then moving on to creating your own findings using recycled materials and clever hardware hacks.

Basic Bottle Glass Fusing

Learn how to make beautiful and creative fused glass art using bottle glass, molds and a kiln. Bottle glass is an inexpensive alternative to art glass that is also great for the environment. This course will take you through the absolute basics, including what tools you’ll need, all the way through multiple, increasingly complex projects.
In this course we will cover making fused glass art from whole bottles, two ways to cut bottles, how to make sheets of glass from cut bottles, fused donuts, fused bottle bottom molds with embellishments, kiln formed recycled glass beads and jewelry, Fuse and Fold animals-including two exclusive designs available only through this course. We will also explore how firing schedules work, what is happening at each stage and how to adjust your firing schedule. We will spend time reviewing common glass fusing problems and how to solve them.

Advanced Bottle Glass Fusing

Add to your knowledge of fusing with bottle glass with this advanced class.  We will spend time learning how to test for compatibility between different bottle glasses, how to use a variety of inclusions such as brass, copper, silver, aluminium, plaster, raw mica and enamels.  This class will build directly on the Basic Bottle Fusing class, some glass fusing experience is required.  We will make a variety of project with our new techniques, including wall vases, plates, glass boxes and lanterns.  We will also make a larger Fuse and Fold Animal.