Lentil Bead Earrings

Wondering what else you can do with the new spiffy Lentil Bead Molds? Well, here’s a fancy and amazingly easy earring design that looks modern and unusual.


Snap Rings for jewelry

Snap Rings and Tools

Assortment of Internal Snap Rings (these are useful for all kinds of jewelry)

Round nose pliers (or snap ring spreaders if you have them)

Needle nose pliers

wire cutters

Snap Ring earring materials

Earring materials

Ear wires

jump rings

small lentil beads

Step 1. Make some small lentil beads. The ones I’m using for this tutorial are a slightly odd shape made by OVER filling the mold so the hole is not in the exact center of the bead. I did this so they would look like drops of water resting on the inside of the snap ring loop. You can use any small bead really.

Step 2. Choose a snap ring which the opening is slightly smaller than the bead, the bead is held in by tension, so it needs to fit snugly, but not TOO snugly.

Step 3. Spread the snap ring slightly with the round nose pliers and slip the ends into the holes on the beads.

Snap Ring Earrings

Opening the snap ring

kiln formed bead earrings

Adding the bead to the snap ring

Step 4. Add the earwire using the jump ring

kiln formed bead earrings

Adding earwires

Use the needle nose pliers to twist the jump rings closed.


kiln formed bead earrings

Snap ring Lentil bead earrings

If your snap ring is loose, you can either give it a GENTLE squeeze to increase tension, or, run a thin wire through the bead and wire it on, tucking the ends into the bead. I think it would also be awesome to use some contrasting silk floss instead of wire.

Kiln formed bead earrings

Lentil Bead Snap Ring Earrings

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