Fused in Loops in Bottle Bottoms

One of the questions I get very frequently is “How do I make holes in bottle bottoms if I don’t want to drill?”  And I get it, drilling is only a tiny bit fun.  So, I did some experimenting and found I could fuse loops into my bottle bottoms.  While they aren’t the same as a hole, they are a solid workaround for drilling, and sometimes, a more attractive option.

We start with glass and a bottle bottom mold (in this case the very popular Leaf mold):

The mold has been kilnwashed and is ready for fusing.  Add the glass bottle bottom to the mold:

and add white glue (or glass glue) dots where you want the loops to be:

Then add loops, I’m using brass loops, but you could also use Nichrome loops:

Then add a glass ring or glass tabs cut from the SAME BOTTLE.  This is the very important part, if you use glass from a different bottle, you risk incompatibility.

Then fuse using the full fuse schedule:

and here is the front:

and then you can use this to create other artwork, such as windchimes:

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