Fusing with Bottle Glass

Bottles before the fusing starts

Learning to use bottle glass to produce glass art is a really great idea. Not only because there are a ton of projects that can be made, but it’s fun! Because bottles are relatively abundant, there’s less pressure to be perfect. Being able to start over with minimal expense is a great way to get over the new project jitters and branch out.

At this point, I can’t imagine there is a person left on the planet that hasn’t seen ye olde flattened wine bottle…

Recycled Bottle Cheese TrayBut, there are SO many more things you can do with bottle glass! Or even flattened bottles; here are some swanky recycled fused bottle glass house numbers.

Recycled Wine Bottle House Numbers

Or, for something spring-like, how about some wall vases?

Recycled Wine Bottle Wall VasesThese were made with the necks of wine bottles. Or, how about a votive holder or 3?

Recycled Wine Bottle VotivesOr maybe some small jewelry or soap dishes?

Recycled Fused Bottle Glass DishesAnd even jewelry;

Recycled Bottle Glass BraceletGranted, all of these projects are small, and that’s okay. But, with some testing and other tricky techniques, you can even make large pieces with fused bottle glass.

Recycled Blue Bottle Glass PlateThis fused bottle glass plate is made with a couple of large Skyy Vodka bottles.

Fused Recycled Bottle Glass Plate with Kiln CarvingThis one is fused brown glass (beer bottles) with Kiln Carving detail on the back. I hope some of these photos gave you ideas for your own projects.