Fusing with Mystery Glass

Broken Glass Stuff

Broken Glass Stuff

Fusing with Mystery Glass

As soon as my friends and family found out I was fusing glass, they started saving and giving me all of their broken glass things.

Which is awesome, but I have no idea what the fusing temperature is for this mystery glass.  I devised a small test to help me figure it out.

To test the fusing temperature of mystery glass you need two glass samples of known type but different fusing temperatures.  I use 1/4″ float glass, and fusible art glass, both cut the same size.  Then I cut samples of each mystery glass in the same approximate sizes.

Next I fire all of the samples to a full fuse for float glass.  I know that this will over fire the art glass, but that’s the point, I’m going to see if the mystery glass fuses at the float temperature, or if it fires more like art glass.

After fusing, this is what my samples look like:

My results lead me to the conclusion I could fuse with the cobalt and purple using an art glass firing schedule as they fused very similarly to the art glass sample.

I still won’t MIX them because this test only shows me the fusing temperature, I still don’t know if this glass is compatible with each other.

I would probably find some other use for that white glass, it fired badly and will probably be difficult to work with.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas on what to do with that mystery glass stash that tends to accumulate in the dark corners of the studio!

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