Man in the Moon with Stars Chime

I love making things like this for shows, they are fun to make and easy to gift (or sell).

Materials needed:

Man in the Moon Mold

1.5L cobalt blue bottle bottom

glass drill or dremel

bead wire

crimp beads

clear glass beads

Flat blue bottle glass


glass tools

Step 1:

Kilnwash the mold, add the cobalt bottle bottom and full fuse the bottle bottom on the Man in the Moon Mold. (In depth Bottle Bottom Fusing Tutorial here.)

bottle bottom mold
Man in the Moon bottle bottom mold


Step 2 -Cut glass for small stars.

Start with flat blue bottle glass. Cut into a 2″ strip.

fusible flat bottle glass
Cut flat blue bottle glass into a 2″ wide strip

Cut the strip into 2″ x 1/4″ strips:

fusible bottle glass
Cut 1/4″ wide glass strips
Fusible bottle glass strips for stars
Break into strips
fused bottle glass stars
narrow blue bottle glass strips for stars

Step 3 – Assemble stars

Each star takes 5 strips of glass, so make sure you have 15 strips ready to go. I like to assemble the stars in batches, it makes it easier. I also assemble the stars on my workbench and then move them to the kiln when the glue is dry, much easier on the back!

Star assembly
Side one of the stars, add a glue dot on the top edge.
blue bottle glass stars
Side 2 of the stars
glueing blue bottle glass stars
Add glue to side 2 center and bottom edge
Adding the 3rd side to the star
Add side 3
cobalt blue bottle glass stars
Adding glue dots to the star
blue bottle glass stars
Add side 4 to the star


fused bottle glass stars
Glue dots for the final side of the star
fused bottle glass stars
Assembled tiny stars – ready to fuse

These stars can be fused in the same firing as the Man in the Moon bottle bottom. Just put them on a prepared kiln shelf or shelf paper.

Step 4 – Drill holes in the Man in the Moon

Drill one hole in the top edge of the Man in the Moon for hanging, and 3 along the bottom where you would like the stars to hang.

fused blue moon and stars
Moon and stars fused and ready to assemble

Add the clear glass beads to the beading wire and crimp one end of each wire through each of the bottom holes on the moon.

cobalt moon and stars chime
Bead wires with beads

Crimp the other end of the beaded wire to each star. If the small holes in the stars have fused closed, you may have to drill them out to fit accommodate the wire.

Fused bottle glass chime
Assembled Moon and Stars chime

Add a loop of wire or monofiliment at the top for hanging and you’re done!


Fused bottle glass chime
Finished Moon and Stars chime

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