Striped Bottle Glass Plate

striped bottle glass plate

This is a fun asymmetrical bottle glass plate that uses one large bottle. The size is suitable for sushi or crackers and cheese.

Start with a bottle, I’m using this triangle shaped vodka bottle, but any shape of bottle will work.

blue vodka bottle

I started by cutting the top and bottom off, then cutting the body of the bottle into pieces:

sides of bottles

Then I cut each piece into 3 separate strips:

cutting the bottle into strips

bottle glass strips

The next step is to assemble the plate. This works best if you flip every other strip over so it’s face down, that way the curvature of the bottle works for you instead of making this a frustrating project.

overlapping bottle glass strips

You can either assemble this project with straight edges, or stagger every other strip for an asymmetrical end result.

strips with straight edge

The key is to make sure there is overlap along the long edges of the strips. I have one area here that needs to be adjusted. As I assembled this on my kiln shelf, I moved every other strip because I like the funky edge better.

Assembled bottle glass dish

Next, fire to a full fuse using the standard fuse schedule, or whatever works best for you.

fused bottle glass plate

The next step is to slump the dish into a mold. Before doing that, check for any rough edges and grind them smooth. The slump fire will fire polish the spots that needed cold working.

bottle glass plate before slumping

I’m using a large oval mold to get a sushi dish type curve in my final piece. Fire using the standard slump schedule or whichever schedule works best for you.

fused and slumped bottle glass dish

The finished plate is about 6″ x 10″, so a nice project to maximize your bottle glass.