Tempered Glass Pebble Vessel

If you have scratched up old tempered glass shelves hanging around, this is definitely the tutorial for you!  This is also a terrific one for a ladies night out event, or a club activity or a team building exercise.

Start with:

Tempered glass, shelf size is nice and easy to work with

Fusible Glass Paint (I’m using Glassline)

Prepared Shallow Bowl Mold

Spring loaded center punch

Pebble Vessel MaterialsStep 1:

Squirt out a generous amount of paint on one side of the glass and spread out as desired to cover the whole surface.

Tempered Glass Pebble Vessel side 1Let dry completely.

Step 2:

Flip and paint the other side, you can use complimentary or contrasting colors, patterns are nice too.

Let dry completely.

Step 3:

Wrap the entire piece of glass securely in newspaper or butcher paper.  Press the tip of the spring loaded center punch firmly against the paper wrapped glass until it punches and breaks the glass.

Spring loaded center punchbroken tempered glassStep 4:

Place individual pieces of glass onto the mold.  It’s useful to use a shallow mold here so the glass doesn’t slide down into the bottom of the mold during firing.  As you place the pieces, flip some over to vary the paint coverage and color, the variety will give your plate a unique look.

Constructed pebble vesselStep 5:

Fuse using the Full Fuse Schedule for Float Glass.  As always, I recommend a small test firing first, if you have needling around the edges, reduce the top  temperature slightly.  If your pieces are not fusing together, add a minute or two to the top hold.  And, if you need help adjusting your firing schedule, just let me know.

Changing the paint color and the mold size will give you an infinite number of variations.

Fused Pebble Bowl - MalachiteFused Pebble Bowl - MalachiteFused Tempered glass bowlPin and Share:

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