Triangle Bead Bridge Bracelet Tutorial

Materials Needed:

9-12 Thin clear triangle beads (refer to triangle bead mold instructions)
8-14 blue triangle beads
flexible beading wire
Crimp beads
Brass beading wire
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Crimp pliers

Step 1:

Cut two 10” (24.5 cm) pieces of flexible beading wire and crimp one end of each wire to one end of the clasp.

Step 2:

nichrome loops for fusing into glass

Create a brass wire double ended loop with the thin triangle beads using the round nose pliers and wire cutters.

Step 3:

Begin assembling bracelet – add one thin triangle bead over both strands of flexible wire, followed by two triangle beads. Then separate the flexible strands and add one thin triangle bead to each strand.

Step 4:

Add a bridge bead, then a blue bead on each strand, and another bridge. Continue until all of the bridge beads are used.

Step 5:

Finish assembly by reversing the pattern we started with. This bracelet size will vary based on how large you make your triangle beads. It’s a good idea to monitor the length with your ruler as you assemble it.  To make the bracelet larger, you can increase the number of bridge bead segments, or, increase the number of blue beads on either end. To make the bracelet smaller, decrease the number of blue beads on each side.
Check the size before trimming flexible wire or adding the clasp. When you are happy with the length, crimp the flexible wire onto the other side of the clasp.

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