Mica Butterflies


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Sparkly mica multi size butterflies ready to include in your glass fusing projects. These shapes were cut from raw mica and then fired to nearly 1900F to change the color to an assortment of beautiful metallic colors. Mica is an inclusion that must be fused between layers of glass and needs a long bubble squeeze during fusing to prevent large bubbles. Small bubbles are a normal and typical result of fusing with inclusions.

Mica is a naturally occurring sheet silicate mineral with basal cleavage properties, allowing it to be split into very thin sheets.

Mica contains crystalline silica, which is a known health hazard, and is known to cause cancer. NIOSH approved respirators should be used when any possibility of mica dust inhalation is present.

Package contains 1 g by weight of assorted sizes and colors of mica butterflies. Sizes of butterflies varies and will range from .75″ to 1″


Avoiding bubbles with mica

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Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × .5 in

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