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Mica flakes are the same lovely mica as the sheets, but already chopped and filtered for you.  Gold mica has a wonderful metallic shine that is a brighter than brass inclusions, and more subtle than gold lusters. Mica needs to be capped, and a generous bubble squeeze is recommended.

Each package is 3 grams of processed, ready to use, mica flakes.  Mica flakes are measured by weight, the volume will change depending upon color.

How do we make mica flakes?  Well, I’m so glad you asked…

Buy mica chunks and industrial scrap in bulk directly from the mine and manufacturers
Sort out the usable stuff (the rest goes in the garden)
Fire raw mica in a range of temperatures from 1650F to 2000F
Sort into colors and grades
Chop and grind sorted mica
Filter into different sized flakes
Weigh and package
Sit back and look at all the beautiful shiny things.

So, most of the work is already done for  you, the creative part is up to you!

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