Nichrome Wire Bundle



We’ve made a handy bundle of all of our popular nichrome wire sizes and loops.  Bundle contains:

16 gauge wire – 10 ft

16 gauge wire loops – 50 count

18 gauge wire – 10 ft

18 gauge wire loops – 50 count

20 gauge wire – 10 ft

20 gauge wire loops – 50 count

22 gauge wire – 10 ft

22 gauge wire loops – 50 count

24 gauge wire – 10 ft

24 gauge wire loops – 50 count

Gauges: (the larger the number, the thinner the wire)

16 gauge:  large animal legs and very heavy duty applications.  This wire is much stronger than glass, so bend with caution.

18 gauge:  medium animal legs and large jewelry applications.  Bend this wire with caution, it can cause glass to chip at the fusing point.

20 gauge:  jewelry and small animals.  Fuse and Fold mold projects.  Glass is stronger than this wire, and can be easily bent, some caution should be taken at fuse point to avoid chipping.

22 gauge:  smaller jewelry items and pieces that will be finished with seed beads.  This wire rarely causes chipping when bent at fuse point.

24 gauge: smaller jewelry and critter whiskers.  This wire rarely causes chipping, and should be used for light duty or decorative items

Regular retail price: $50.50, Bundle Price: $42.00 Save more than 15%

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 4 in

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