Triangle Bar Beads for Windchimes

Yet another use for the versatile Triangle Bead Mold kit. Even if you don’t make jewelry, you might want to buy one of these, they are pretty darn cool.

What we are doing today is using the whole length of the bead mold to make long triangular bar beads that can be used in windchimes.

Materials needed:

Triangle Bead Mold Kit (includes mandrels and bead release)

flat bottle glass in desired colors


Step 1:

Kiln wash the mold and prepare the mandrels. These beads are quite long, and it can be a challenge to pull the mandrels out, so I highly recommend a thick coat of bead release, or if your release is thin, dip once, let the mandrels dry, and dip them again. Set aside to dry until ready to use.

Step 2:

Cut the glass the width of your bead mold minus 1/4″. Then cut the glass into strips. For regular 3-4mm glass, cut one 1/4″ (6mm) wide strip, and 2 at 3/8″ (8mm) wide.


cut strips for triangle beads

Cut strips for triangle beads


Step 3:

Place one of the 3/8″ wide strips in each groove of the triangle mold.

Triangle kiln formed bead

Side one of the triangle bead

Add the 1/4″ piece to the other side of the groove to form a V shape:

assembling fused triangle bead

Triangle bead side 2

Add the prepared mandrel to each groove:

Triangle kiln formed beads

Triangle beads ready to fire

Add the last 3/8″ strip to the top to form the triangle and fire to a full fuse.

Fused kiln formed beads

Fused triangle bead

After the beads are cool, twist the mandrels out of the beads. If it is difficult, soak the entire bead in water until the bead release get soft and the mandrels can be removed. (takes just a few minutes)

Step 4:

Repeat until you have enough long triangle bar beads to make a windchime. Not sure what kind of windchime to make? Not to worry, we have a windchime tutorial coming up next week!

triangle bar beads

triangle beads for chimes