Well, we’ve been doing kiln carving patterns together for a long time now, I thought it might be fun to switch it up and make a pattern that is a slightly different shape and can be used in many different ways.

Step 1 – Download the pattern

Download the pattern from the online store. No credit card is required, simply enter your information, proceed to checkout and you’ll get a link for a downloadable file.

Step 2 – Creating the stencil

Print the pattern and carefully cut out the gray areas to make a stencil.

kiln carving stencil

Create a stencil with the printed pattern.

Step 3 – Measuring the fiber paper

The first project we will be doing with this pattern is a flattened bottle with a raised border.  I’m using a red wine bottle that is dark green.  For this step, you will need the appropriate bottle template to match your bottle, and enough fiber paper to accommodate the project.  Trace the bottle template on the fiber paper, but don’t cut it out.

fused bottle pattern

Using a bottle pattern to size the fiber paper

Step 4 – Adding the pattern

Position the border stencil on the fiber paper so it is centered on the neck of the bottle tracing.  Trace as much of the border as desired.

kiln carving pattern on a bottle

Adding a pattern to the bottle neck

Continue tracing the border pattern around the edge of the drawn on bottle.

kiln carving border patterns

Tracing border patterns on all sides of the bottle

tracing bottle pattern edges

Pattern traced around all bottle edges

Step 5 – Cutting the fiber paper

Place your fiber paper on a cut proof surface and carefully cut out the border pattern using a sharp razor knife (carefully!)  I use cardboard and a razor knife with snap off style blades so I always have a sharp blade.

Cutting the kiln carving border pattern

Cut out the border pattern

When the entire pattern is cut out, trim the fiber paper to about an inch outside the bottle outline all the way around.

cut fiber paper

Borders all cut and trimmed

Step 6 – Fusing the project

Place the pattern on a prepared kiln shelf and place your clean bottle on top, centering it on the bottle outline.

kiln carved bottle

Bottle on kiln carving pattern

Fire to a full fuse using the firing schedule for 1/4″ glass.

fused bottle with kiln carving

Fired kiln carving project

Step 7 – Finishing

After the firing is complete and your kiln has cooled to room temperature, remove the bottle, peel the fiber paper off, clean it thoroughly and maybe even add some rubber feet.  Pretty cool project!

fused kiln carved bottle

Fused bottle with kiln carved borders