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So many of the free tutorials on our website feature mica paint that we thought we’d make a set of our favorite colors.  These are superfinely ground mica, with particle sizes that are much finer than we can make inhouse.  This set is sourced from many manufacturers after testing 60+ different types.

Set includes:

Iridescent Colors
Blue Ice
Green Ice
Red Ice
Violet Ice

Brilliant Gold
Red Russet
Micropearl Silver
Super Copper

Each set contains about 1 tsp of each color in a small ziploc bag. Also included are 8 tiny bottles for mixing your paint, packed in a sturdy storage box.

To mix mica paint, add 1/4 of the bag contents of each color to a bottle and add 1 teaspoon liquid hairspray, or paint medium of your choice. There is enough pigment to make four batches of each color.

Not included: Paint medium or liquid hairspray. Why not? Well, it’s important to use the same formula of medium if you are adding to a previous batch, not all mediums and hairspray play well together when you mix them. It best to find a brand that YOU can easily find in your part of the world and use that. Not including hairspray or medium keeps our costs down, which in turn, keeps your costs down!

Tutorials using Mica Paint:

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