Are you participating in holiday shows and boutiques this year?  Have you made enough art?  Getting stressed out?  Here are some ideas to get your inventory beefed up and ready to go!  (Click the title to go to the tutorial.)

1. Bottle Trinket Boxes

Bottle Glass Trinket Boxes

Bottle Glass Trinket Boxes

Made with cut bottles and fused lids.  With a little care you can create an amazingly wide variety of boxes and lids.  Cut some of the bottles taller to create bathroom storage containers.  Try displaying one with cotton balls or swabs so people get the idea.

2.  Fused Wine Glass Angel Ornaments

fused wine glass angel

Fused Wine Glass Angel

Not technically a fused wine bottle, these sweet angels will appeal to wine lovers and their friends.  Try locating interesting glasses at thrift stores to give shoppers lots of options.  Make sure you display an intact glass next to the angels so you can explain how you made them!

3.  Star Bottle Glass Ornaments

fused blue bottle glass star

Star Bottle Bottom Ornament

Created with our bottle bottom molds and drilled, these ornaments are fast to create and showy, an easy way to fill a display Christmas tree.  Still pressed for time?  Let us cut the bottles, while you get more important things done!

4.  Fused Bottle Glass Animals

Fused Bottle Glass Tree

Fused Bottle Glass Tree

Group these adorable trees with snowshoe feet for maximum buyer impact.  Prepare for shoppers to stop and say “awww, how cute!”

5.  Recycled Liquor Bottle Bird Feeders

Recycled Patron Bottle

Recycled Patron Bottle Bird Feeder

Another great item for wine and spirits lovers.  Include a packet of bird seed and a bow for quick and easy neighbor gifts.  These don’t require fusing at all, so you can make them while your other projects are fusing.

6.  Recycled Bottle Planters

Recycled Bottle Planter

Planter with plants

Another no fuse project.  Leave the labels on for added visual interest…or not.  Since it’s the holidays, consider planting your display planter with low maintenance succulents or fragrant herbs.  Consider selling versions already planted with plants for a grab and go gift.

7.  Fused Bottle Glass Windchimes

fused glass man in the moon

Fused bottle glass man in the moon with stars

Wind chimes are always a good choice, who doesn’t love art outside?  Combine bottle bottoms with donuts, beads and stars for a wide selection.

8.  Tie Dye Bottle Trays

fused tie dye bottles

Give your fused bottle trays a welcome twist with glass paint and mica.  Not the same old cheese tray by any means!

9.  Kiln formed Recycled Glass Jewelry

Kiln formed bead earrings

Lentil Bead Snap Ring Earrings

Jewelry is always a good seller.  When creating your selection, remember that earrings are the easiest jewelry gift item to buy for others because they aren’t size dependent!  Include an info card and a nice box for increased shopping ease.

10.  Fused Bottle Wall Vasesfused recycled bottle vaseThese clever vases are made with the fused necks of bottles.  When displaying them, make sure you have at least one with fresh flowers or foliage to demonstrate the versatility.  These are also lovely with dried flowers for year round display.

Good luck with your holiday sales and boutiques!  I hope some of these ideas will make your show preparation easier and less stressful. Remember to breathe, look around you and occasionally even have fun!