Thank you to everyone who watched the Cast Glass Critters class this last week, we had a fun time. It’s not too late to buy it on-demand if you are interested in lost wax casting with recycled glass.

I also filmed a little studio interview video (not released yet), and CLEANED my studio in preparation. I know, it’s a shocking never-seen-before event. So I also took some photos, just to prove it happened.

This month has been filled with marvelous things so far! The biggest news for sure is that we have a new feline crew member, he’s been with us for a few months now, and is fitting right into the group. I’m pleased to introduce Sir Winchester Pantalones

He is a gigantic snuggler with just one eye. He doesn’t let that stop him however, he can jump better than some of our two eyed felines and gets into everything.

We also have another new crew member, I’m so thrilled to introduce my new Studio Assistant, Laura. She has been here for a couple of months and is the most amazing person! (pictured here with her hubby)