Channel Bead Mold Kit

Channel bead molds are great for making larger kiln formed beads. The outer two channels are slightly narrower for making smaller square beads, the center two channels slightly larger for making focal beads, or beads with two holes for more complex designs.

Materials needed:

Channel bead mold kit

bottle glass of various colors

kiln wash

Step 1

Kiln was the bead mold and prepare the mandrels.


Step 2

Cut bottle glass into strips. I’m using 1/2″ wide strips for the outer two channels and 3/4″ wide strips for the inner two channels. I’m cutting each strip into 3/4″ lengths. Keep the glass from each bottle together and don’t mix them!

kiln formed square beadsPlace rectangles of bottle glass in the channel.

Step 2

Add mandrel

mandrel for kiln formed beadStep 3

Add top piece of glass

square kiln formed beadsStep 4

Repeat until mold is full

doubleholebead1 doubleholebead2 doubleholebead4 doubleholebead5 channelbeadbrn1 channelbeadbrn2Step 5

Fire to a full fuse for 1/4″ glass.

channelbeadsfusedStep 6, remove mandrels from beads, and do any cold work necessary.