Fuse and Fold Honey Bee Tutorial

Fuse and Fold Honey Bee materials

Fuse and Fold Honey Bee Materials

Materials needed:

Unrolled brown bottle glass (yellow brown will also work)

Unrolled Clear Bottle Glass

Gold Mica Paint

20 Gauge Nichrome Wire

22 Gauge Nichrome Wire


wire cutters

round nose pliers

glass glue

Honey Bee Pattern (Download free PDF Pattern here: bee.pdf)


Bee Step 1Trace glass pattern onto glass according to the pattern instructions.  You’ll need 2 bodies, 1 thorax, 2 upper wings and 2 lower wings.

Fuse and Fold Bee Step 2

Cut wire according to wire cutting guide on pattern.  Add dots of glass glue on 1 body piece where wire is indicated.

Fuse and Fold Bee step 3

Add wire

Add wire to body and top wing where indicated by the pattern.

Fuse and Fold Bee step 4Add top body piece, double check to make sure wires haven’t shifted.

Fuse and Fold bee step 5

Add bottom wing to overlap wire on wings as indicated by the dotted line on the pattern.

Fuse and Fold Bee step 6Add glue dot for thorax.

Add thorax piece to give your bee dimension.

Paint on stripes and eyes using gold mica paint.  You could also paint veins on the wings if you are feeling creative. Fire to full fuse when dry.

After fusing, add seed beads to antennae and legs if desired.

Carefully bend the wing wire into an S shape with the round nose pliers.  Try to avoid putting pressure on the glass, as it is quite easy to break the wire out of the glass.

Round the end of the leg wires into feet with the round nose pliers.


You can also purchase an already made Fused Bottle Glass Bee if you want to skip the making and get straight to the enjoying!