Fusing with Fiber Paper on Molds

Most glass artists are familiar with fusing on molds to give glass texture, and with kiln carving to give glass a pattern. But, did you know you can combine the two? It’s easier than you think.  This tutorial shows this technique using bottle glass, but it works just the same for flat glass.  (more flat glass examples at the end of the tutorial).

Start with a mold, we’re using a Man in the Moon bottle bottom mold, and a Rocket bottle bottom mold.

kiln carving on a mold
Man in the moon mold and fiber paper
kiln carving on a mold
Rocket mold with fiber paper

Both of the molds are kiln washed. I’ve cut out small stars and a tiny moon from 1/32″ fiber paper.

kiln carved stars
Moon mold with stars
kiln carving stars
Rocket Mold with stars

Now add bottle bottoms.

bottle bottom mold
Rocket Mold with glass
fused bottle bottom
Man in the Moon mold with glass

And fire to a full fuse using the Full Fuse for 1/4″ glass schedule.

fused bottle bottom molds
Fused bottle bottom molds with kiln carving
fused bottle bottom molds
Fused bottle bottom molds

Just for fun I decided to add some metallic mica to the designs. For the mica to stick, you need to give the glass some texture, which I’m going to do with etching cream.

etching fused bottle glass
Etching cream and fused bottle bottoms

Follow the instructions on the bottle, it’s pretty easy. I’ve painted the cream on the raised design, as well as the kiln carved part.

etching fused bottle glass
Fused bottle bottoms with etching cream

After the pieces are etched and washed, I’m going to paint gold and silver mica onto the etched areas.

etching bottle bottoms
Mica and etched fused bottle bottoms
mica on fused bottle bottoms
mica on fused bottle bottoms

Now fire them again using the Slump firing schedule. After firing, some of the mica will wash off. Using mica this way gives you more of a watercolor wash effect rather than a painted effect.

fused bottle bottoms with mica
Fused bottle bottoms with mica

The same technique can be used with flat glass by stacking pieces of fiber paper on a wide shallow mold and fusing directly on the mold.



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