Fusing with Mica Layers

Mica layers (or mica sheets) are really fun to fuse with.  There are a few tips and tricks to make you projects easier though.  I’m delighted to share them with you:

Suggested Tools:

And, of course, mica layers:

silver mica sheets

Silver Mica Layers

Gold Mica Layers

copper sheet mica

copper mica sheet

Mica layers are literally that, pieces of mica that have been fired to high temperatures to change the color and make the layers easier to separate.  Firing does make the mica much more fragile, so we do have to exercise a bit of care.

Separating the layers:

If you are having trouble seeing the layers, try trimming of the edge of the sheet with scissors, often the layers stick together at the edge and trimming will reveal them.

Cutting shapes:

Mica shapes can be cut with scissors, razor knives or scrap book punches.

Mica layers do need to be capped, separating the layers into the thinnest possible pieces will help reduce bubbles.  Scraps and pieces of mica layers can also be fused, I like to fuse the larger ones.  Small scraps can be crumbled or chopped into flakes and fused as well.  Mica is a silicate, so use appropriate dust control measures!

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