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Ready to take your mica game to the next level?  This is the same mica that we used in the Advanced Bottle Glass Fusing Class.   This mica is sheet mica that has already been fired to nearly 2000 F to drive out the organics and to turn it into a beautiful sparkly gold color.  Each package contains 5g of mica.  Each piece can be flaked into multiple thin sheets of gold mica, it can be cut with scissors, punched with scrapbook punches, broken by hand and even crushed up into powder.

Gold mica sheets are fairly sturdy, and great for cutting into shapes.  Reducing to flakes or powder works best with a dedicated coffee grinder or processor.  Dust protection is required when working with powdered micas.

We buy our mica in bulk directly from the mine and fire all of it in house before sorting to ensure that the best pieces go straight to you!

Fusing with Mica Sheets – tips and tricks


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