Square Recycled Bottle Planter

Recycled Bottle Planter

Planter with plants

Today we’re making a planter from a square recycled bottle. The key to this is to cut one side of the bottle off as close to the inside edge as possible. You’ll see what I mean in the video:

Once you have the side cut off, you can smooth the edges with a diamond file (with water and a dust mask)!

Diamond Files

Once the edges are smooth, you can add a clear resin just to the edge of the bottle for a shiny smooth finish without a lot of cold work, or fusing. This is ONLY for non food bearing items!

easycastresinI use EasyCast, but you could use any relatively weather proof resin. Follow the directions for the resin carefully, often different brands have different instructions. It takes very little so mix carefully and dab evenly on the edge.

Bottle edge before resin

Bottle edge before resin

Bottle edge after resin:

Bottle Edge with resin

Bottle Edge with Resin

Then fill with soil and plant. (you can keep the lid on the bottle or not, as you wish)

Recycled Bottle Planter

Planter with plants [edited to add:  These plants have been safely disposed of!]

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