Washing Glass Frit for Fusing

If you’ve ever made your own frit by smashing glass, you’ll have noticed that it’s a very dusty process.  What you may not know is that dusty frit often causes devit in your projects.  Luckily, it isn’t difficult to wash frit.

Start with your frit (filter for sizes first if desired):

Use a fabric mesh with holes SMALLER than your frit.  Your fabric needs to have holes to let the dust escape, but not too big, or your frit will escape.  Pile the frit into the fabric:

Gather up the edges and dunk the whole bundle into clean hot water (I add a bit of alcohol) until no more dust washes off the bundle.  Spread the clean frit somewhere it won’t get contaminated and then store in a container in a container when dry.

If your frit is very dirty, you may have to have a second clean water bath.

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