Like most people who live in snowy climates, spring always makes me think of the beach with longing.  Since I actually live in a landlocked state, it’s not like I can just run down to the beach for the afternoon.  I can, however, make a fancy starfish dish with a nifty free kiln carving pattern.

Step 1.

Download the pattern from the online store.  No credit card is necessary, simply add to cart, proceed to checkout and you’ll get a download link after check out.  There are a few other free patterns there that you may want to check out if you haven’t already.

Step 2.

Print the pattern, preferably on card-stock, then cut out and remove the gray areas of the pattern and make a re-useable stencil.

Step 3.

Pin the pattern onto a piece of fiber paper, make sure you use a cut proof surface.  I’m using a sheet of cardboard and 1/32″ fiber paper from Delphi Glass.  Thicker paper will result in a more pronounced pattern.

Kiln carving pattern for bottle glass

Pinned fiber paper

Step 4.

Carefully cut out the fiber paper through the stencil.  I prefer a snap off razor blade cutter because the fiber paper makes your razor dull very quickly and it’s nice to have a new one always available.

stencil for kiln carving with bottle glass

Cut fiber paper through stencil

kiln carving pattern for bottle glass

Completely cut out kiln carving pattern

Step 5.

Once you have the fiber paper all cut, put it on a prepared kiln shelf and put a piece of glass over it.  I’m using half of a champagne bottle that I flattened (mostly) into a sheet.  Champagne bottles are quite thick so I only need one layer.

fusing champagne bottle glass

kiln carving pattern with champagne glass

Step 6.

Fire to a full fuse using the full fuse for 1/4″ recycled glass schedule.

fused champagne bottle starfish

fused champagne bottle starfish

Step 7.

Slump into a dish mold (we’ll do this in a later post) or drill and hang as a suncatcher.  This would also be a terrific pattern for tile in a bathroom or backsplash.

fused bottle glass starfish

fused bottle glass starfish