July Kiln Carving Pattern

Fused Kiln Carved Bottle Glass Project

The free kiln carving pattern for July is ready!  As you may know, I live in the lovely state of Utah.  We’ve had a very hot, dry, spring, and much of my state has been on fire for the past week or so.

This pattern is inspired by the desert heat waves and the mountains.  I’m calling it Mirage.  The Mirage kiln carving pattern is designed for use with recycled bottle glass and will fit a regular 750 mL bottle if printed at 100%.  Here is a tutorial about how to cut and calculate bottle glass for fusing if you need it.

Step 1

This pattern is no longer available for individual download.  To download the free 2012 Kiln Carving Patterns compilation book, please visit the Shop.

Then cut a piece of fiber paper large enough to contain the entire pattern.  Tack down to your cutting surface using the handy black dots as tack guides.

Kiln carbing fiber paper and pattern

Step 2

Using a very shape razor knife, carefully cut and remove the gray areas of the pattern.  Fiber paper dulls razor knife blades very quickly, so I like to use a new blade for each new pattern.

Kiln Carving Pattern for Bottles

Step 3

When all of the gray areas are removed, cut around the black border.  If you don’t want a defined border on your kiln carving, you can use the fiber paper without cutting the border and your finished glass won’t show a defined rectangle.

Kiln Carving Pattern for Recycled Glass

Step 4

Cut glass to fit over your fiber paper pattern.  Here I have used the body section of a recycled wine bottle, which you can use, or any flat glass would work as well.

Recycled Bottle Glass Fusing and Kiln Carving

Step 5

Fire to a full fuse.  Firing schedules for recycled glass are available, these schedules work on beer bottles, wine bottles and all kinds of window glass.

Fused Bottle Glass


At this point your kiln carving is complete.  This piece can be incorporated into a larger stained glass piece, slumped into a dish, or drilled and used as a suncatcher.

This pattern is no longer available as an individual download.  To download the free 2012 Kiln Carving Patterns compilation book, please visit the Shop.

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