Here’s a fun project to do with our bottle bottom rocket mold.


Step 1:

Kiln wash the rocket mold

Bottle Bottom Rocket MoldStep 2:

Mix 1/2 teaspoon white Float Fire frit with glow powder:

Float Fire Frit addwhtfrit Glow PowderYou can test if you have enough glow powder by simply turning off the lights

glow powder testStep 3:

Fill the rocket shape with the mixed frit and glow powder

Rocket with glow powder and frityou can use a small paintbrush to even out the frit and make clean edges

float fire frit and glow powderAgain, you can check your work by simply turning out the lights

float fire frit and glow powderStep 5:

Add a bottle bottom to the mold and fuse using a full fuse schedule:

fused bottle glass bottom moldStep 6:

Drill a hole in the finished project to hang it up

Fused bottle bottom rocket