Fusing with Bottle Bottom Molds

Fusing with bottle bottom molds is easy and surprisingly versatile. To start, you need a bottle bottom mold. We have a lovely variety in our online store, with new designs being issued regularly. Here is one of my favorites:

Flower fusing mold

Flower Mold

Kilnwash your mold, or coat it with whatever your favorite mold release is.

flower mold kiln washed

Flower mold with kiln wash

Then add a 750mL bottle bottom (also available in our online store if you don’t feel like wrangling with a saw). For best results, you should try and cut the bottle as close to the bottom as possible.

flower mold with glass

flower mold with glass

Now fire using a full fuse for 1/4″ recycled glass schedule.

Fused bottle bottom

Fused Flower mold

After fusing, you can drill a hole in the edge and hang it up if you wish.

fused cobalt bottle bottom flower

Cobalt bottle bottom flower

Now, clean the kiln wash off, recoat and repeat. Instant flower garden!

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