Jack O’Lantern Kiln Carving Pattern Tutorial

Jack O'lantern kiln carving pattern



Float Glass or Bottle Glass sheet

Print out of PDF Jack O’Lantern pattern sized to fit desired glass

Mica Sample Set

Prepared mold to fit desired glass

Glass Etching Cream


Step 1:

Cut a piece of fiber paper large enough to accommodate the entire pattern and pin both layers to a cut proof surface.

Jack O'lantern kiln carving tutorialStep 2:

Carefully cut through the paper and fiber paper with a sharp razor and remove gray areas.

cutting a kiln carving pattern

Step 3:

After cutting all of the gray pieces, place the fiber paper on a prepared kiln shelf under an appropriately sized piece of glass (this one is 10” x 10”), and fire to a full fuse.

glass on kiln carving pattern

Step 4:

After fusing, you can use the 4 pumpkin glass for either a dish or a hanging piece. Here I have etched the raised pumpkins with etching cream and then painted them with copper and green mica.  Slump into a dish using the Slump Firing Schedule.  The firing will bend the glass into your mold, and set the mica at the same time.

Jack O'lantern kiln carving patternDownload PDF Jack O’Lantern Pattern:


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