Kiln Carving Bottle Glass

November’s kiln carving pattern is an abstract pattern of dots in a circle that is specially sized to fit the bottom of a large bottle.  This one is the bottom of a pickle bottle.

Step 1.

This pattern is no longer available as an individual download.  To download the free 2012 Kiln Carving Pattern compilation book, please visit the Shop.

Step 2.

Cut a piece of fiber paper large enough to accommodate the entire kiln carving pattern.  I’m using 1/32″ for this project, with the more textured side up.  Insert tacks through the dots to hold your pattern and fiber paper together.  A large piece of cardboard works great for this, as well as protects your work surface from razor cuts.

Tacking down the kiln carving patternStep 3.

Using a very sharp razor knife, cut away the gray areas inside the pattern.  For this particular pattern, I recommend cutting the large circles first.

Cutting the patternStep 4.

Normally, we would cut out all of the gray areas before cutting the outer border.  However, for this particular pattern, there’s a quick trick that will save you lots of time.  Go ahead and cut out around the black border next.  Using a standard office single hole punch, we can now quickly and easily punch out all of the small circles, working around the outside edge, and by slipping the punch inside the larger holes to access the interior pattern elements.

nov12kc4Step 5.

Cut glass to fit the kiln carving pattern and fuse.  I’m using the bottom of an empty pickle bottle for this one.

Bottle Glass on kiln carving pattern

After fusing, this glass could be drilled and used as a sun-catcher, or slumped into a shallow round mold for a soap or candy dish.

This pattern is no longer available for individual download.  The download the free 2012 Kiln Carving Pattern compilation book, please visit the Shop.