fused bottle glass geckoThe free pattern for October is this adorable little gecko, he’s perfectly sized for a 750 mL bottle.  You could also add a friend and use multiple geckos on a larger project.Download the free pattern from the Shop (no credit card required)  Go to the Gecko!

Print out the pattern and gather your materials.  You will need:

fiber paper large enough to accommodate your final project

razor blade or razor knife.  I like the snap off blades as fiber paper wears out razor knives very quickly

pins or tacks

cut proof surface

Kiln Carving pattern materialsTack down the pattern and cut out the gray areas.  I prefer to cut the paper layer first, remove it and then cut the fiber paper layer.  This seems to reduce the amount of tearing in the fiber paper.

cutting the paper layer of kiln carving pattern
Then cut the fiber paper layer:
Cut the fiber paper layer of kiln carving patternOnce the fiber paper layer is cut, you can remove the pattern (perhaps save it for use again later?)

fiber paper for kiln carvingNow, take that little guy and plop him on a prepared kiln shelf.  Add your glass, either already flattened, or a cut cylinder:

kiln carving pattern pre-fuseand then fire to a full fuse:

kiln carving pattern after fusingAnd there we go, now, this guy can be painted with mica and refired, which we will do next week, stay tuned!

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