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Q: Hi, Jodi! I have enjoyed your classes in Curious Mondo and have tried some of your molds. Fun! Thank you for all your info and fun instruction! I am looking at the wet tile saw you use at Harbor Freight site, https://www.harborfreight.com/10-in-wet-tile-saw-with-sliding-table-69275.html, and this 10″ wet saw does not seem to open at the top. Would it be more versatile to have a saw which open at the top to cut different size bottles as well as chinaware like bowls and cups (I make mosaics)?
For example,
Thank you in advance!

A: Hi there, one of my regrets was not upgrading to a 10″ saw earlier, I used a 7″ for years, and the 10″ is a game changer, I would definitely recommend it over a smaller saw.  I use the smaller one in classes because the big one is too big to move easily. 🙂. This is the saw blade I use.  I also got the stand for the saw, so I can roll it in and out of the garage. I also cut ceramics on it all the time. Hope that helps. https://www.mkdiamond.com/tile/bld_glass_215gl.html

Q: Equipment recommendation – kiln for bottles and bottom moulds.  Thanks.

A: Hi there, the key features to look for are a digital controller and enough room for a bottle to lie flat on the shelf.  I own a Skutt and a Denver, and they are both good kilns.  It doesn’t seem like there is a huge difference among the different manufacturers, so I don’t have a specific model that I like the best.  Kilnfrog.com is a great company if you end up ordering one.  Hope that helps.   Jodi

Q: Hi Jodi
I’m listening to a CD I bought from Curious Mondo where in one segment you are using a round tempered piece of glass. You said something about as long as you don’t have to cut it. When I tried to get tempered glass window out of the frame it ended up smashing into smithereens. How did you get the circle of class? Is there a way of cutting template class I couldn’t cut a piece I had I tried and tried

A: Hi there;  They were tempered table top rounds, manufactured as a circle.  Sadly I don’t have a way to cut tempered glass without it smashing to bits either.  I wish I did, it would make my life easier.  If the tempered glass piece will fit in your kiln, you can anneal and untemper the glass, and THEN you can cut it.