Butterfly Pendant from Plaster Inclusion

Fused glass butterfly pendant

Glass pendant with plaster butterfly element

This tutorial builds on the previous post about Fusing with Plaster Forms. We’ll be using one of the Plaster of Paris butterflies that we made last time.


2 pieces of thin clear window or bottle glass

Plaster of Paris butterfly

1.25″ of 22 gauge Nichrome wire or a 22 gauge nichrome loop

Round Nose pliers

Channel Bead Mold Kit

Fused recycled glass pendant

Materials for Butterfly Pendant


Step 1:

Use the round nose pliers to bend the nichrome wire into a bail. We will be fusing this between layers of glass.

Nichrome wire for pendant

Nichrome Wire for Bail

I like to bend mine to compliment the curve of the butterfly.

Fused in nichrom bailStep 2:

Place the plaster of paris butterfly form on the kilnwashed channel mold. I am using one of the larger center channels.Plaster butterfly form Step 3:

Trim the glass pieces to completely cover the butterfly and fit inside the channel. Place one piece of glass over the butterfly.

fused window glass pendantStep 4:

Place the nichrome bail on top of the glass in a position that compliments the butterfly. You can glue it in place with glass glue if you wish.

nichrome wire for pendantStep 5:

Add the second layer of glass, making sure that the wavy sides of the nichrome wire are covered.

window glass pendantThis is what the pendant will look like from the side.

fused window glass pendantStep 6:

Fuse using the full fuse firing schedule.

fused butterfly pendantNow you can lift the fused pendant off of the plaster form. If plaster sticks to the pendant, clean it gently with diluted vinegar and water and a soft brush.

Fused butterfly pendantFinish with a drop loop and neck wire as desired.

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