bottle glass votive

Not all pretty glass things have to be complicated!  This cute little votive is very simple to make and takes only one firing.

Begin with a bottle with the top and bottom cut off.  There are lots of ways to cut bottles, you should use the one you are most comfortable with.

Cut the body cylinder of the bottle in half, each votive will use one half.

Measure how wide the shorter side of the glass is, which will probably be the curved side, so a fabric measuring tape is very handy here:

Measure the bottle glass

So, our glass is 6 inches wide, so we need to trim the glass in the other direction to make a square piece of glass.  (it would be square if it were flat)

Measure and mark bottle glass

Now, cut the extra off.  I prefer to cut on the inside of the curve.

Cutting the bottle glass into a square

Now, we will be firing this to a slump temperature, so the glass won’t get hot enough to round the edges, at least not much.  So, use a diamond file or pad to take off the sharp edges all the way around.  You could also use a glass grinder or dremel with a diamond file if you have one.

filing the edges with a diamond file

Now, clean the glass and plunk it into the kiln on a votive floral former.  I’m using a stainless steel tumbler from Ikea that has been kilnwashed.

bottle glass votive pre-slump

Fire to a slump temperature using the standard slump firing schedule, or whichever one works best for you.

slumped bottle glass votive

After it’s all cool, double check the edges for sharp spots and you’re done!

bottle glass votive

These are fun in a variety of colors with tea lights in them.