Kiln Carving Pattern May FlowersHere’s a quirky follow up to our April Showers Kiln carving pattern.  Because what naturally follows April Showers??  May Flowers of course!

Step 1

**This kiln carving pattern has expired.  Monthly kiln carving patterns expire 90 days after posting.  Not to worry though, they will be back at the end of the year in the free compilation book.  To see the currently available kiln carving patterns, you can click here**

Step 2

Cut a piece of fiber paper large enough to accommodate the pattern.  Pin the fiber paper and the pattern to a cut proof surface.  I use a sheet of cardboard.

kiln carving pattern ready to cut

Step 3

Carefully cut out the gray areas and remove them.  It helps to use a very sharp razor knife.  I use a new blade for each pattern.  Please cut carefully, and please observe all of the manufacturers recommendations in terms of dust mask and gloves when working with fiber paper.

Partially cut kiln carving pattern

Step 4

After removing all of the gray areas, discard the paper pattern.  Carefully put the cut fiber paper into your kiln on a prepared shelf and cover with glass.  This pattern is sized for the body cylinder of a regular sized wine bottle.  If you are unsure of how large your glass needs to be, do a quick measurement.  Fire to a full fuse.

kiln carving bottle glass

Step 5

After cleaning up the edges, either drill your Flowers and use as a suncatcher, or slump into a rectangle mold and made a spring candy dish.  So cute!

Kiln Carving Pattern May Flowers