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Q: I have a 7″ saw but I can only cut small bottles because of the guard. I need one that can  retract. I’m just learning to cut and feel kinda lost.

A: Hi there, I had a 7″ for years, and it was fine, once I got a bigger saw I wished I had upgraded sooner.

Below is a photo of my brand new (this month) saw set up.  I had the same saw and blade for about 5 years, and was very happy, but wore it out completely, so did a complete upgrade.  I don’t spend money lightly, so when I say this is worth every cent, I really do mean it. (although do make sure you get the coupons!)






and blade:


This thing is amazing, you can raise and lower the blade and it easily tilts for angles.  I always wear earplugs with it, and a face shield is well worth the money.  Without the safety gear it makes me a little nervous because it’s so loud and flips tiny bits of glass.  With the gear, I can take my time and it works well.  I’ll do a video of the new saw when I get a minute.

Let me know if I can help with anything else,

Jaws The SAW

Q: So another couple questions.  

 1- My friend is telling me that his ceramics kiln isn’t suited for glass. He says that a glass kiln is much different  from a ceramics kiln. Especially in that a glass kiln only heats from the top & needs closer/different temp & time settings.  

2- I also was reading about microwave melting/fusing of glass. So can I use any working microwave that I can get my hands on or is there some way I have to test the MW to see that its adequate? Was actually thinking of getting one from a thrift store or online yard sale. I figure its better to start w a small investment & see if I really can create good artwork & such.    

A: As long as the ceramic kiln is programmable, it can be used for glass.  I bought a ceramic kiln first and used it for 7+ years exclusively for glass before I got a glass kiln.  You’ll need to fire slower, and slightly hotter to compensate for the side elements.  It will take a bit of practice, as will any kiln.  This is not an art form that you will be amazing at on the first firing, there is a fair amount of experimentation and work that will happen.  It is, however, incredibly rewarding, addictive and so much fun!

I would bypass the microwave kiln completely, and keep an eye on your classified ads for a real kiln.  The MW kiln is very small, so you can do pendants, and that’s about all.  You can’t use any kind of ceramic mold in a MW kiln, so that’s pretty limiting as well. Every person I know that bought one has since bought a real kiln.  Not to be terribly discouraging, but I don’t think it’s a good investment.  [Note here, I know one amazing artist that is working with a microwave kiln for raku, Cheryl of Firehorse Designs, so I know you can make spectacular things in one, but it takes diligence, patience, and a lot of practice.]

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