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Q & A Monday – March 4, 2013

Jodi McRaney RushoOne of the really cool parts about this blog is I get asked a lot of really great questions, some of which I even know the answers to. Since the answers may help others as well, I’m posting them here. If you have a question, don’t be shy, send it on over! (I have left off the names of the question senders for privacy. If you sent a question and would like attribution and a back link, let me know!)

  • Q: I am so happy to have found your site and look forward to learning more about & experimenting with recycled glass. I do have a question… Can you mix different colored bottle glass together, like the dark  blue sky vodka and the light blue sapphire gin bottles, in a pot melt? I’m not sure if all bottle glass is the same or if there is a compatibility problem. Continue reading Q & A Monday – March 4, 2013