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Q & A Monday, 9/9/13

Jodi McRaney RushoHey there!  Here we are back again for another Q & A Monday.  All of these questions were received via e-mail and answered directly.  I’m sharing the gist of them here because they are good questions and I’m sure the info will be helpful.  All personal details have been omitted for privacy reasons.  If you have a question, feel free to send it on over and I will do the best I can to help.


Q:  I would like to make dinner plates and salad bowl out of green wine bottles. Most of the projects I see on your blog are only using one bottle in them. Can I use multiple bottles to make a bigger plate 10″-13″? Continue reading Q & A Monday, 9/9/13

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June 2013 Kiln Carving Pattern

Sea Turtle Kiln Carving

June’s kiln carving pattern is one of my favorites.  When we were SCUBA diving in Roatan, there were sea turtles and they are fascinating!  I could have watched them all day.  This is also the most complex kiln carving pattern that I’ve made for download with 13 individual pieces.  Not to worry, you can do it! Continue reading June 2013 Kiln Carving Pattern

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Q & A Monday – 5/6/13

Jodi McRaney RushoAnd we’re back with more questions from readers for Q & A Monday. Today’s questions are all about working with crushed recycled glass, or frit. I’ve left out the personal details for privacy, so if one of these questions is yours and you’d like attribution and a back link, please let me know. If you have a burning (melting?) glass question, send it on over. I may even have an answer for you.

  • Q:  I have a kiln that I have been playing and experimenting with for months now.  I adore wine bottle glass, and have had complications casting melted wine bottle frit that I make.  From research I have done, and some of my experimenting, I have found that wine bottle glass is difficult to cast unless fired at very high temps.  Even then, I have had to do a lot of cold working with the pieces I have tried to make after firing.  I love to try and make little jewelry pieces out of the frit.  Do you have any suggestions for working with wine bottle frit, including firing schedules at all?  Thank you so much! Continue reading Q & A Monday – 5/6/13
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Q & A Monday – March 18, 2013

Jodi McRaney RushoHere we are at another Question and Answer Monday.  These are reader questions, which I thought may also be useful for everyone.  If you have a question, send it over.  (I’ve removed personal details for privacy reasons, if you submitted a question and would like attribution and a back link, let me know!)

Wow!  Last week’s Tech Tip was extremely popular, the number one question last week was:

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March 2013 Kiln Carving Pattern

Shamrock Kiln CarvingIt’s been a long cold winter here in Salt Lake City, then, suddenly, it’s SPRING!  Ah well, I daresay it will snow soon.  For the kiln carving pattern this month, we’re going to kick things up a notch and make the pattern a little more complex.  There are lots of photos and I’m sure you all will have no trouble whatsoever! Continue reading March 2013 Kiln Carving Pattern

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Q & A Monday – March 11, 2013

Jodi McRaney RushoWelcome to Q & A Monday, which is all about answering reader questions.  I’m presenting a demonstration about making your own texture tiles this coming weekend for the Glass Art Guild of Utah, so all our questions today are about molds.  If you have a question, send it on over, I just may have an answer!  (I’ve removed personal details and names for privacy.  If you asked a question and would like your name listed with a back link, just let me know.)

  • Q:  I am SO glad I found you online and am now a subscriber to your  newsletters, only thing is I’m bummed you are located in Utah! I am in  Oregon and would LOVE to learn how to make my own molds like the ones you show in this link: – do you have any kind of online class I could “attend” or something like that? I own a Trio glass kiln, and could probably “rent” some time at my local art college to fire a ceramic mold to bisque level  – My experience is very  limited (no clay work ever), I basically got interested in glass art and bought a Trio (bottle slumping kiln) before I had ever even worked with glass and kind of just figured out a “recipe” how to make wine bottles into serving trays, etc. and now I’m hooked (as I thought I would be!). Any thoughts/advice for building my own (wine bottle slumping) molds/tiles (like the ever so popular “Bon Apetit” mold see below – I own this one and use it and love it but I’d love to make personalized molds with my own artwork) and also tile making molds like you feature on your site? Continue reading Q & A Monday – March 11, 2013
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Q & A Monday

Jodi McRaney RushoHere are a few of the questions that were sent my way last week, the answers may help others as well, so I’m posting them here.  If you have a question, don’t be shy, send it on over!  (I have left off the names of the question senders for privacy.  If you sent a question and would like attribution and a back link, let me know!  J)

Question:  I have a ceramics kiln that will follow your schedules but I am scared to use glass in it for fear of wrecking the kiln itself. I’ll stick to simple fusing and melting for now until I get used to the process- as opposed to pot melting and molding. So my questions are: Are you using a glazed bowl for slumping prepared with kiln wash inside and out or do you use unglazed bisqueware with kiln wash? What is the chemical you spray on glass to keep it from going cloudy? We are in New Zealand so chemicals, not brand names are more useful. Will slumping a wine bottle or even fusing it ever make the bottle liquefy so much as to run off the edges of the kiln shelf- assume I put it at least three inches from the edge. How thick does the kiln wash need to be? Continue reading Q & A Monday

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Metal Inclusions in Recycled Fused Glass

Recycled window glass with copper and brass inclusions

Things tend to get creative when you are working with only one color of glass.  In my never ending quest to figure out yet another thing I can do with recycled glass, I tried metal inclusions as part of the design.

There are a number of metals that you can include, all of them useful as long as you know what will happen.

Continue reading Metal Inclusions in Recycled Fused Glass

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Kiln Carving Pattern for March

Happy St. Patrick’s day!  In honor of my family heritage (you did see the McRaney up there, didn’t you?), here is the free kiln carving pattern for March.  This pattern is slightly more difficult to cut than the pattern for January, but still quite straightforward.

1.  Cut a piece of fiber paper big enough for the pattern.

I used 1/32″ fiber paper for this particular project.  Tack the pattern over the fiber paper through the black tack dots.

March Kiln Carving Step 1

Continue reading Kiln Carving Pattern for March

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Kiln carving Pattern for December

Star Kiln carving Pattern
Kiln Carving Pattern for December

Here it is at long last, the first of the tutorials.  Thanks for waiting.  Really.  Thank you.

This star is approximately 6″ square, and can be used for a bunch of different things, you could bend it into a plate, drill holes for a hanging wire and put it in a window, cast it in a circle and put it on the Christmas Tree. If you want to slump it after kiln carving, use the suggested slumping schedule.

Wondering why my star is all yellow and funky?  I used low-E glass for this one.

So, here’s how it works: Continue reading Kiln carving Pattern for December