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Q & A Monday 9/30/13

Jodi McRaney RushoLots of readers send me their questions directly, but there are a whole host of questions that get asked anonymously.  One tool that I use to help decide what to write about is Google Keyword Search statistics.  Now, alas, Google is discontinuing the service, so as a tribute and a farewell, I’m pulling questions from the Keyword Searches and answering them here:

  • Q: how to cut a wine bottle with a tile saw
  • A: It’s amazing how many times this one comes up in searches.  I have a couple of videos about cutting bottles with a tile saw, but I think people need to see it a bunch of times before they feel comfortable giving it a go.  The basic things to remember are:  go slow, use lots of water, and the quality of the blade is critical. Continue reading Q & A Monday 9/30/13
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Metal Inclusions in Recycled Fused Glass

Recycled window glass with copper and brass inclusions

Things tend to get creative when you are working with only one color of glass.  In my never ending quest to figure out yet another thing I can do with recycled glass, I tried metal inclusions as part of the design.

There are a number of metals that you can include, all of them useful as long as you know what will happen.

Continue reading Metal Inclusions in Recycled Fused Glass